Iñaki Barrocal manages two different netlabels through which he publishes his music. Those labels are his, but you can also release your music through them if you so desire!

All you need to do is go to the "contact" page and send us a mail!

Khannonmusic Studios started its run as a nonexistent label. No online platform had been created for it, but Iñaki Barrocal used the name to deter people from stealing content. Eventually, after Akiba Jonze's time in WEATNU Records and the creation of Mothermantra Records, Iñaki decided to turn Khannonmusic Studios into an actual netlabel and release all of his music as Iñaki Barrocal through it.

In 2015, Iñaki Barrocal joined forces with Oklahoma-based netlabel We Are The New Underground (WEATNU) Records. After the transition to Akiba Jonze, he released a single ("Say Goodbye") and his debut album "Akash" (2016). However, feeling dissatisfied with the performance of those releases under the netlabel and wanting to be in complete control of his material, Akiba founded Mothermantra Records, through which he subsequently re-released his previous material and through which he has released all of his material ever since.