Iñaki Barrocal has been active since 2008, creating innumerable sonic worlds and landscapes with a very personal style oscillating between all-vocal ambient, electronic and experimental music.

He released his debut album, the all-vocal, nature-inspired Almost Me, under the stage name “Iñaki” in 2009, and has kept on releasing music non-stop ever since (sometimes going as far as to release 3 albums on the same year).

He became known to his home public of the Principality of Andorra in 2013, following the release of Hippie-Happy, the third single from his 9th album Call Me ‘Your Majesty’, which he promoted there along with his follow-up album Empireo (2014).

In 2015, Iñaki founded his side project “Akiba Jonze” and released his single Say Goodbye through WEATNU Records. His 2016 debut album as Akiba Jonze, Akash, sparked a sold-out performance at the 17th-century Casa Rull House Museum, Llum.

Iñaki returned in 2017 with Nº6 (Roku), an ambient rock continuation to his 2014 album Empireo, followed by the greatly acclaimed Blossom



Iñaki also manages two netlabels, through which he releases his music: Khannonmusic Studios and Mothermantra Records.




Iñaki was the first to record Andorran nature for a musical project with “Spirits of the Forest”, from his 2009 debut album Almost Me, as well as one of the first Andorran artists to have their music regularly played on the radio with “Hippie-Happy” (2013), “A Higher Plane” (2013), “Sense Rendir-me” (2014), “Angelic” (2014), “You’re Just Mine” (2015), “Eclipse” (2015) and “Firebird” (2016).

The promotion plan for his 2013 album Call Me ‘Your Majesty’ saw him weave each single into a fairy tale, released in full in 2014 – a first in the Andorran music scene.

A regular guest in ambient music podcasts, his work has been included in the Catalan Viasona music encyclopaedia, as well as the catalogue of the prestigious Catalan music magazine Enderrock.

His rare live performances weave sounds and images into a magical experience, something first seen in his 2014 EmpiREAL shows, continued in his 2016 Llum performance and epitomized in his 2021 Oceànide performance, which saw him turn the Espai Columba Romanesque art museum into a gigantic aquarium.