The First Age: Remixes

1. Rêverie Arcane/Almost Me (Pendulum Remix)
2. Almost like a Breath (Departure Remix)
3. Merpeople (By Accident Remix)
4. The Desert Within (Extended Sandstorm Techno Remix)
5. Tears (Happiness Wanted Remix)
6. Book of Revelations (Eenie-Meenie-Miney-Soul Remix)
7. Arcanum (Tree-Listening Remix)
8. Awakening (Distant Piano Remix)
9. Childhood: Chalice of Purity (Lost Innocence Remix)
10. Mission nº666: Journey to the End of the Cosmos (Deep Space Lovers Remix)
11. The Dark Side of the Earth (Chanting is Chic Remix)
12. Frozen Symphony (Search for Me Techno Remix)


Music, lyrics, all vocals, recording, editing, remixing: Iñaki Barrocal Castro

Lyrics for track 1, CD1: Mourad Hcini and Iñaki Barrocal Castro

Released December 31st 2012 through Khannonmusic Studios (Worldwide)


1. Return to the Depths (Tubular Bell Remix)
2. Voices and Bubbles (Mother Nature's Enigma Remix)
3. L'Océanide (Extended French Love Remix)
4. Et Je Voyais les Vagues... (Peace is Groovy Remix)
5. The Silent Symphony (In-the-Air Drum'n'Bass Remix)
6. Ritual to Summon the Old Gods (Confessional/Rebirth Remix)
7. El Romance del Bosque Endemoniado (Your Life is in My Hands Remix)
8. The Fog World (Imminent Escape Remix)
9. Symphony Nº7 - Of Insanity and Wolves (Demented Remix)
10. Lifeless, Alive, Strange: Mars (Know-It-All Remix)
11. Roaming King of the Underworld: Pluto (70's Sci-Fi Movie Remix)
12. End of Transmission: The Kuiper Belt (Iñaki-on-Acid Ambient Remix)


CD 1

CD 2