Solar System Suite nº2

1. Unseen Bringer of Love: Eros
2. Barren, Fertile: Ceres
3. Fallen, Scarred, Homely: Vesta
4. Majestic King of Centaurs: Chiron
5. Obscure, Libertarian: Quaoar
6. Frozen Queen of the Seas: Salacia
7. Monstrous Keeper of the Dead: Orcus
8. Demented, Defiant: Ixion
9. Silent, Brilliant: Haumea
10. Icebound, Fatherly: Makemake
11. Elusive Ruler of the Depths: Sedna
12. Distant Queen of Discord: Eris
Released May 1st 2018 through Khannonmusic Studios (Worldwide)
Music, all vocals, sound effects, recording, editing: Iñaki Barrocal Castro