Honshitsu (Essence)

1. Return to the Depths
2. Almost Me (Take a Look at the Surface)
3. Merpeople
4. Almost like a Breath
5. Living Being (Seibutsu)
6. Adiós, Hija del Bosque
7. Sanctuaire (Grant Your Wish)
8. Arachné (English Version)
9. God on Earth
10. The Dark and Frozen Wormhole (Laptop Daydreaming Vol.1 Medley)
11. A Heart of Helium: The Sun
12. I Luv U
13. Hippie-Happy (Radio Edit)
14. We Are a Flame (Radio Edit)
Released March 31st 2014 through Khannonmusic Studios (Worldwide)
Music, lyrics, all vocals, recording, editing: Iñaki Barrocal Castro