Who is Akiba Jonze?

Akiba Jonze is another name and identity assumed by Iñaki Barrocal/Igniael since 2015. 

A side project, if you will, but it wasn't always so.

After signing with WEATNU Records, feeling the need to be more visible, Iñaki changed his stage name to Akiba Jonze and adopted a new persona, declaring a (then-final) hiatus from his work as Iñaki Barrocal/Igniael.

Akiba Jonze's first release was "Say Goodbye", an unused demo from Iñaki Barrocal/Igniael's "Empireo" era. Two more singles - "Forbidden Love (Laudate Dominum)" and "Realm of Rain" - paved the way for Akiba's first full-length album, the buddhist-flavoured electronic "Akash", released in 2016. The album was unanimously praised and spawned a sold-out performance in the Andorran 17th-century house-museum of Casa Rull.

In the record time of one month, Akiba released his second album, the new age all-vocal "Indigo", which became an instant success for its vocals and take of the subject of spiritual evolution.

2016 also saw the birth of Akiba's third effort, "Chronostasis", which received great reviews for its experimental work and inclusion of Andorran landmark Sant Climent de Pal among its subjects.

After such a productive first year, Akiba Jonze spent some time composing his fourth album, which was eventually released in 2017: the submarine-themed "NEPTVNE". The album was a return to Akiba's ambient pop style and received very positive reviews for its relaxing vocals and dreamy themes.

2017 also saw the release of Akiba Jonze's fifth album "LVNA",  a Celtic-themed album which was instantly praised for is quality and sound. Two out of its four singles ("Nit d'Hivern" and "Eternament") were included in the Catalan music encyclopedia Viasona.cat, and one of them ("Nit d'Hivern") was even included in the online catalogue of the prestigious Catalan music magazine Enderrock.

Akiba's story is (also) very prolific, so make sure to follow his endeavours!